I’m passionate about helping teachers undergo a profound transformation – and have fun doing it.

About Steve

With 20 years’ experience teaching in public schools, I can relate to the problems and challenges you face every day in the classroom.

In fact, it’s through this hands-on experience that, in response, I decided to give others the benefit of what I’ve learned.

I began my online
teacher store in 2014

Early on in my teaching career, I realized that, in order to become the teacher I envisioned for myself, I first needed to learn how to control the classroom. Without that, trying to teach is a never-ending battle.

But with it you can move forward and actually implement the dreams and ideals about teaching that inspired you in the first place. This is the great transformation I offer you. And once it happens, guiding a class of highly focused kids on engaging projects can be a tremendous amount of fun.

This realization about controlling the classroom led to my first eBook: Get Started on the Right Foot (available on Amazon). It reflects my deeply held belief that “old school” can solve many of today’s “new school” challenges.

As an elementary school teacher, I sought to learn what motivated my students so that I could differentiate and meet the needs of each. My resulting management style was structured overall, while still giving kids the chance to make assignment choices when appropriate.

Mainly, I wanted students to have high time on any given task. That was in accord with the motto: “All the children, all the time.”

Right now, we offer 177 quality products that are geared to keeping students focused and engaged in learning. This is supplemented by my blog, available here: blog.teacherclassroomresources.com

My primary objective here:
to enhance your teaching skills

I’ll do this by providing you with proven tips and cooperative-learning strategies, best practices, educational resources, and personal coaching. You’ll also have the opportunity to join an online community of teachers who share their experiences and knowledge about the profession. You’ll find it here: My Store. As with our company itself, this community lives by four core values: respect, team orientation, commitment, and personal humbleness.

A word about my credentials

For over 20 years I served proudly in the U.S. Army and was able to earn my Associate’s Degree in Management Studies during that time.

Upon retirement from the military, I earned my B.S. Degree in Elementary Education (with a minor in History) then earned a M.E.D. in School Administration through Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville. Now I’m a resident of Spencer, Tennessee.

Proud to report that in 2001 I was awarded Lakeview Design Center’s “Teacher of the Year” in Nashville.

On a more personal
(musical) note…

One of my great passions in life is music:
songwriting, playing guitar, and producing records.

I’ve actually had two of my original songs place in the 100 Country Cashbox Chart (“Does the Ring Hurt Your Finger” and “Stop! Read My Lips”). My goal is to connect with people through authentic melodies and music that’s personal and easy to relate to.

To get an idea, you’ll find my new single “I Wanna Rush a Good Thing” and others available on social media

Thanks for visiting my website –
I look forward to hearing
from you soon!