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Who is Read! Coach! Read! For?


Read! Coach! Read! will make an awesome resource for teachers. This system can be a powerful way to engage students to read nonfiction texts.

In fact, with Read! Coach! Read! your students will really enjoy these high-interest reading passages.


Read! Coach! Read! will provide parents that home-school their children with challenging reading passages, as well as provide questions that enhance critical thinking skills.

Parents will love the fact that this system comes complete with step-by-step instructions, making it easy to implement.


Read! Coach! Read! will provide reading tutors an innovative approach to introducing students to high interest nonfiction reading passages.

In fact, this product would make a welcome addition to any reading tutoring program. Children will enjoy these super cool topics.

Get Your Students Supercharged

Meaningful Activities To Build Reading Proficiency

Feel Like Pulling Your Hair Out?

I Know That Motivating Students To Enjoy Reading Can Be So Hectic

You have a thousand things on your plate that must get done. There are teacher meetings that you have to attend. To top that off there’s curriculum that needs to be reviewed and lesson plans that must be developed. By this time you’re frazzled.
The bottom line here is that there are only so many hours in a day. The last thing in the world you really need is to run around going nuts trying to research and download super-cool real-world reading passages to use in your classroom. 
I’m sure that It’s not going to get any easier any time soon. Every year it seems that more and more gets put on a teachers plate without anything being taken off. It hardly seems right does it? 

I just might have found the secret

I quickly discovered my students became more motivated and were much more productive…
The result was more peace of mind, and now I could rest assured that my students were going to have reading activities that they enjoyed…
So I am on a mission to help my fellow teachers alleviate some of the stress that occurs during the teaching of nonfiction texts…

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I Wanted to Create Real-World Exciting Nonfiction Reading Passages

I spent countless hours researching and gathering resources from everywhere

Hi my name is Steve Hiles and I want to take this opportunity to share with you my backstory that led me to create my “Read! Coach! Read!” (RCR) reading system. I had observed my fourth graders struggling with informational texts, which was one of our grade level standards. Their formative reading assessments also indicated to me that more work needed to be done with that particular skill. 

My desire was to create some high interest, low to high reading level nonfiction reading passages for my students.   The thing was I wasn’t quite sure what topics would really excite my students, nor was I sure what genres my kids would gravitate toward. 
Quite frankly, I felt bad because the fact that my kids didn’t perform as well on these tests made me feel that I failed them. I thought I should have been able to move the mark for these children. So that got me thinking long and hard about how to proceed. 
The problem was I didn’t quite know where to begin. I researched everything I could find on the internet that addressed reading informational text. I had to rethink a whole new strategy for improving my students reading and comprehension of nonfiction text.
Then it had occurred to me to develop another reading inventory that would ask some pointed questions, as to various topics, genres, and other information where I could gather and analyse it all. I had also been making anecdotal notes as to what kinds of books my students were reading in the classroom.
So after developing the reading interest inventory, I presented it to my kids. What I explained to them is that I wanted real honest feedback, as to what types of real-world material they enjoyed reading the most. I have to admit some of the feedback came as a surprise to me. My class gave me some valuable input for my consideration. But there still was a problem.
I still had to deal with the fact how I would make these reading passages truly engaging, to the point where kids couldn’t wait to get their hands on them. Also, I had to develop texts that were appropriate for varying reading levels.
This whole process got very frustrating at times trying to create something from scratch that children would find truly enjoyable and fascinating. Well, I worked on the project for over three months and ended up with a resource of materials centered around “Extreme Sports.” I was bound and determined to perfect this packet of materials, and so excited to introduce these to my class, and colleagues down the hall. I wanted to test out my protocol for delivering my new system of reading.
As a result, within the time period it took me to create this resource, I had developed 15 informational texts, a teacher implementation guide,’ an “I can statement,” student roles, questions and answer keys, and a variety of exit tickets — to validate their learning.
After creating Reach! Coach! Read! I was then able to put in place my reading system finally. It took a couple of class sessions for students to get the hang of the procedures. Frankly, I had noticed a shift in their attitude(a cool thing) toward reading after the very first class session! I attribute that to the accountability piece that was built into RCR. I have to tell you that I witnessed children really getting fired up over these real-world informational reading passages. It was so rewarding to see this whole effort pay off like it did.
In the end this meant I had students that could not wait until the next time I rolled out my reading system. Typically, I would implement RCR an average of three times per week, but never less than two. In conclusion, I felt gratified knowing that what I developed instilled a love of reading, and their reading skills of nonfiction text dramatically improved like I’ve never seen before.

Steve Hiles

Taught for 20 years in the public school system. 

Began my teaching career in Maysville, Kentucky instructing High School Junior ROTC students.
After which, I taught 5th graders at Gray’s Creek Elementary School in Hope Mills, North Carolina for 4 years. Then, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee where I taught both 4th and 5th graders. 
Retired from teaching full-time in June of 2014. 
Creator of educational materials for teachers.

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These nonfiction ( informational) paired reading passages will promote reading and comprehension of nonfiction texts among 4th & 5th grade students. Read! Coach! Read! strategies provide for a paired reading experience whereby students are paired according to reading proficiency and have assigned responsibilities.

This resource details several stages including the reversal of roles, an opening activity, questions, and a closure activity. Question probes are provided for whole-group instruction as well. Text selections can be used for fluency drills, and or homework practice. A step-by-step format is provided for implementation.

  • How to use this product (step-by-step instructions) 
  • An opening activity 
  • “I Can” statement 
  • Student role cards 
  • 15 ea informational reading passages / range 250-405 words per passage 
  • Closure activity 
  • Higher order questioning probes 
  • Text retell opportunities 
  • Student mentoring 
  • Answer keys provided 
  • Builds self-esteem while providing rigor 
  • 4ea ready-to-use assorted exit tickets 
  • Includes black/white & color PDF versions 
  1. Parkour 
  2. Ice Climbing 
  3. Big Wave Surfing 
  4. BMX 
  5. Helicopter skiing
  6. Bungee Jumping
  7. Powerbocking 
  8. Kiteboarding 
  9. Zorbing 
  10. Sky Surfing 
  11. Cave Diving 
  12. Volcano Boarding 
  13. Slacking over a Canyon 
  14. Whitewater Rafting 
  15. Wingsuit BASE Jumping 

Note: Zip file contains a folder with both black/white & color PDF versions. Please be sure that you have an application to open this file type before downloading and/or purchasing.

On this page only, I'm going to include some exclusive bonuses that you won't get anywhere else!

Super Cool Bonus #1

The Word Analogies Task Card Bundle (Grade 4) provides students an opportunity to enhance their vocabulary skills through making word associations. Students will hone their critical thinking skills through analyzing analogies. In addition, this resource can help prepare students for standardized testing as it increases reasoning skills.

This activity is ideal for cooperative learning, remedial practice, exam review, daily five work, small/whole group instruction, centers, etc. Accommodations can be made for third and fifth graders as well!

  • Teacher information sheet 
  • 500 word analogy task cards w/ answer cards 
  • Student analogy task card recording sheets 
  • Teacher analogy task card answer keys 
  • Five analogy crossword puzzles w/answer keys 
  • Five word analogy quizzes w/ answer keys 
  • Exit tickets are included 
  • Blank teacher task card template 
  • Blank teacher answer card template 
  • Blank student answer card sheet 
  • Includes black/white & color PDF versions

Note: Zip file contains a folder with both black/white & color PDF versions.

Super Cool Bonus #2

The ELA Task Card Bundle (Gr 3-5) is a HUGE set of 432 task cards all bundled into one convenient, discounted resource. This bundle includes the following resources:

Use these 66 task cards to help students learn the difference between fact and opinion.  
They are great as an introductory lesson, great for partner and group work, literary centers, and excellent to use as a cooperative learning activity. 
Included in this resource: 
  • Teacher information sheet 
  • Fact and opinion statements (for whole group discussion) 
  • Task cards 
  • Answer key 
  • Exit tickets 

Contents included in this resource: 

  • Two sets of 36 printable task cards. Set A — Identify adverbs in a sentence and Set B — *Choose the correct adverb from a list of multiple-choice answers
  • Teacher information sheet
  • Sentences containing adverbs for whole group discussion
  • Student record sheet for both Set A & Set B
  • Teacher answer keys for both Set A & Set B
  • Adverb quiz
  • Adverb quiz answer key
  • Exit Tickets

*These task cards are great for supporting your ELA lesson. These also can be used as morning work, centers, early finisher activities, test prep, to name a few

Liven up Identifying Prepositions with Preppie the Mouse! Engage your kiddos by providing a “hands on” approach to identifying a preposition in a sentence. This cooperative learning activity will provide opportunities for your students to read a task card, identify the preposition in a sentence, discuss, and share their answer with a partner.

This resource contains 48 Task Cards, Task Card Answer Key, Teacher Information Sheet, a list of Prepositions used in the activity, Student Response Sheet, Student Assessment, Teacher Answer Key and Exit Tickets.

These Preposition Task Cards would make a welcome addition to your classroom as a center activity, as skill reinforcement, as well as practice for upcoming assessments. This resource also serves as a great review for your students before moving on to prepositional phrases or compound prepositions.

Use these 108 task cards to review parts of speech, test prep, centers, small or whole group instruction to name a few. The following parts of speech are addressed in this resource: nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

Contents included in this resource:

  • Teacher information sheet
  • Student task card place mat (two versions)
  • Parts of speech task cards (108)
  • Student response sheet
  • Task card answer keys
  • Parts of speech quiz
  • Quiz answer key
  • Exit tickets

Use these 108 multiple choice figurative language task cards — alliteration, metaphor, personification, and simile as a great way to ensure student mastery. These task cards are perfect for test prep and will work well at literacy centers, for partner work, small or whole group instruction.

Contents included in this resource:

  • Teacher information sheet
  • Figurative language task cards (multiple choice)
  • Student response sheet
  • Figurative language quiz
  • Answer keys included
  • Activity suggestions
  • Exit tickets

Engage your kiddos by providing a “hands on” approach to Subject-Verb Agreement. This cooperative learning activity will provide opportunities for your students to read a task card, identify the correct subject-verb choice in a sentence, discuss, and share their answer with a partner.

Task cards are created in black and white, which can be printed onto colored card stock, and laminated for long term usage/storage.

Included in this resource:

  • Teacher information sheet
  • Subject-verb
  • Agreement Task Cards (30ea)
  • Subject-verb Agreement Task Card Answer Key
  • Student Recording Sheet
  • Subject-verb Quiz (15 questions)
  • Subject-verb Quiz Answer Key
  • Exit Ticket

Note: Zip file contains a folder with both black/white & color PDF versions.

Super Cool Bonus #3

Seasonal Activities Bundle (Gr 3-5) This packet includes 19 year-round engaging activities that will pique student interest and enhance creativity. These materials would be perfect for project-based-learning, early finishers, centers, cooperative learning or for those specific occasions. Students will find these activities both challenging and fun!

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  • President’s Day, 
  • St. Patrick’s Day, 
  • Valentine’s day, 
  • Easter Activities, 
  • Arbor Day, 
  • Memorial Day, 
  • Independence Day, 
  • Father’s Day, 
  • Mother’s Day, 
  • 4th grade summer activities,
  • Christopher Columbus activities, 
  • Veteran’s Day, 
  • Labor Day, 
  • Halloween reading and writing activities, 
  • Halloween math activities, 
  • Thanksgiving ELA activities, 
  • Thanksgiving math activities and 
  • Winter Holiday activities. 

Note: Zip file contains a folder with both black/white & color PDF versions.

Super Cool Bonus #4

**A Year of Morning Work for Fourth Grade!**>The Daily Morning Work Bundle (Gr 4) resource contains 250 days worth of morning work activities. Every monthly packet includes four weeks (25 days) of activities that focus on the following: English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Word Analogies, and Character Education.

This resource can also be used as center work, independent practice, homework, small/whole group instruction just to name a few. There is a combined total of 210 pages available for student/teacher use.

  • Teacher information sheets 
  • Product addresses ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Analogies & Character Education 
  • 25 daily activity morning worksheets w/answer keys 
  • Extra Morning Worksheets for Review! 
  • Student challenge questions w/answer keys 
  • ELA quizzes w/answer keys 
  • Exit tickets

Note: Zip file contains a folder with both black/white & color PDF versions.

Super Cool Bonus #5

The Tale of Despereaux Reader’s Theatre & Assessment Bundle (Gr 4) consists of four scripts, totaling 25 speaking parts, including vocabulary work, vocabulary quizzes and teacher answer keys. This resource includes 36 pages for both student & teacher use.

The Tale of Despereaux Reader's Theatre Bundle

Despereaux loves to listen to King Phillip playing his guitar and singing to his daughter, Princess Pea, every night. Despereaux breaks a basic “mouse rule” and reveals himself to the humans. When the princess sees the mouse, he comes even closer, and Pea picks him up. Despereaux realizes she looks exactly like the picture of the princess in the fairy tale he adores, and he falls instantly in love. Pea wants to keep the mouse, but her father refuses. Then Despereaux breaks an even greater “mouse rule”—speaking to the humans. He tells the princess not to cry and gives her his name before he runs off.

Furlough scurries off to tell his father, Lester, who immediately calls a Mouse Council meeting. At the meeting, the Most Very Honored Mouse declares that something must be wrong with Despereaux, and that his behavior is a threat to all of the mice. The entire Mice Council, including Lester, votes to send Despereaux to the dungeon to be eaten by rats. First, however, Despereaux is called before the Council and given an opportunity to repent. Despereaux refuses to say that he is sorry for what he has done and continues to profess his love for the princess. The threadmaster mouse arrives with a spool of red thread and ties a piece around Despereaux’s neck; this mark of death seals Despereaux’s fate.

Roscuro wanders through the castle, he discovers a party in process and is enchanted by how happy and bright the revelers look, including King Phillip, Queen Rosemary, and Princess Pea. Roscuro decides to watch the party from a chandelier, but he slips and falls into the queen’s bowl of soup.

Soup is Queen Rosemary’s favorite food, and she eats it at every meal. When she sees the rat in her soup, the queen dies instantly of shock. Roscuro runs off but looks back at the Pea. Her expression full of repulsion and rage, the princess tells the rat to go back to the dark, “where you belong.” Her harsh treatment breaks Roscuro’s heart. Determined to have something beautiful, Roscuro picks up the queen’s discarded soup spoon, and with it he returns to the dungeon.

Despereaux re-enters the dungeon in order to save the Princess Pea. He takes a spool of red thread so that he can find his way back. The cook was making soup, even though it was outlawed throughout the land, and gives some to Despereaux. Despereaux ultimately finds his way to the hiding place where Roscuro had hid Miggery Sow and Princess Pea. Roscuro smells soup and falls to the ground begging Despereaux to kill him, because all he wanted was some soup and light. Princess Pea tells Roscuro if he led them out of the dungeon he could have some soup.

The Tale of Despereaux Assessment Bundle

The Tale of Despereaux Assessment Bundle: Grades 4-5. This resource comes complete with a combination of 100 assessment questions (open-ended, multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank), a total of 48 vocabulary words for student work, along with 4 vocabulary quizzes. This packet includes teacher answer keys for all 4 unit assessments and the 4 vocabulary quizzes. This resource includes 50 pages for both student & teacher use.

This resource includes open-ended questions and vocabulary words that correspond to the chapters in Book the First. Twenty-five open-ended questions will foster critical thinking, and encourage students to write in complete sentences. Vocabulary words will encourage students to write the definition, use the word in a sentence and illustrate the word. Students will have the opportunity to write a summary of ‘Book the First’ as well as illustrate their favorite part of the story.

This resource includes fifteen open-ended questions that will foster critical thinking, and encourage students to write in complete sentences. The assessment also includes five multiple-choice & five fill-in-the-blank for a total of twenty-five test questions in all. Vocabulary words will encourage students to write the definition, use the word in a sentence and illustrate the word. Students will have the opportunity to write a summary, illustrate their favorite part of the story, and write a prediction.

This resource includes a combination of 25 multiple choice & open-ended questions that will foster critical thinking, and encourage students to write in complete sentences. The assessment provides opportunities for children to summarize text, illustrate their favorite scene, and make a prediction. Also, students will have the opportunity to use vocabulary words to create sentences.

This resource includes a combination of 25 multiple choice/open-ended questions that will foster critical thinking, and encourage students to write in complete sentences. The assessment provides opportunities for children to summarize text, illustrate their favorite scene, and record their reflections. Also, students will have the opportunity to use vocabulary words to create sentences.

Note: Zip file contains a folder with both black/white & color PDF versions.

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Yes, higher order questioning is provided to enhance students’ critical thinking skills.
There are 15 reading passages available in this resource.

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