Get Started on the Right Foot

Get Started on the Right Foot
A Must-Read For New Teachers!
The emphasis of this book is on the critical first days of school. I have compiled strategies that I feel will make the job of the elementary school teacher easier and much more bearable – particularly for those teachers new to the profession.
Most of this book is geared for the elementary school setting and the new teacher facing their first time ‘flying solo.’ The veteran teacher moving to a new school or wishing to refresh their approach to a new term can also apply still many of the concepts, tips and tricks. The strategies presented here could also be applied equally well to middle and high school environments.



Get Started on the Right Foot eBook


  • Error Analysis Math Tasks Bundle
    • ELA Task Card Bundle Gr 3-5
    • Fact and Opinion Task Cards Gr 3-5
    • Adverb Task Cards Gr 3-5
    • Identifying Preposition Task Cards Gr 3-5
    • Parts of Speech Task Cards Gr 3-5
    • Figurative Language Task Cards Gr 3-5
    • Subject-Verb Agreement Task Cards Gr 3-5
    • Adjective Task Cards Gr 3-5
    • ELA Activities Bundle Gr 3-5
      • Read-Coach-Read! Paired Reading Passages Gr 4-5 (2ea)
      • Elements of Literature Gr 3-5
      • How to Write a Paragraph Gr 3-4
      • Interacting Reading Notebook Gr 4-5
      • Literature Circles Gr 4
      • Primary Sources Gr 3-4
      • Reference Source Packet Gr 3-5
      • The Writing Workshop Companion Gr 3-5