Deep Dive Intensive Program

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Are you passionate about unlocking your potential as an educator and fostering a positive classroom environment? Look no further!

Our Deep Dive Intensive Coaching Program is specifically designed for teachers like yourself who’re determined to excel.



Here's what you can anticipate from the program

18 coaching sessions

Over a span of 9 months, you'll have the opportunity to participate in 18 coaching sessions, each lasting 45 minutes. These sessions will focus on the following topics: Session 1: Establishing Expectations and Setting Goals, Session 2: Establishing Routines and Procedures, Session 3: Managing Transitions Effectively, Session 4: Aligning Objectives and Standards, Session 5: Incorporating Differentiated Instruction, Session 6: Cooperative Learning Techniques, Session 7: Inquiry-Based Learning Approaches, Session 8: Designing Formative Assessments, Session 9: Providing Constructive Feedback, Session 10: Adapting Instruction for Diverse Learners, Session 11: Accomodating Learning Styles, Session 12: Integrating Educational Technology, Session 13: Promoting Digital Literacy Skills, Session 14: Fostering Positive Classroom Culture, Session 15: Building Strong Community Bonds, Session 16: Cultivating a Habit of Reflection, Session 17: Setting Goals for Professional Development, and culminating with Session 18: Celebrating Progress and Planning.

Note: Depending on the specific needs or interests of the teacher, any topic may be substituted with another to address a particular area of concern or educational interest.

Teacher RockStar Academy Course

Gain exclusive access to our comprehensive Teacher RockStar Academy Course, which is loaded with proven strategies, techniques, and valuable resources that will empower you to become an exceptional teacher in the classroom.

Supplementary audio lessons

Delve deeper into the course material with insightful audio lesson extensions that offer valuable perspectives and practical tips for enhancing the effectiveness of your teaching methods.

One year of email support

Throughout the duration of the program, rest assured that our dedicated team will be available via email to provide guidance answer any questions you may have, and offer advice whenever needed. You'll have their support for a year.

This program also includes one year of membership access to "My Teacher Membership!”

When you sign up you'll gain access to a variety of resources, downloads and ongoing support from our community of educators.

Come join our Facebook community group and connect with teachers who share your passion for growth and success. It's a place where we can openly share experiences, exchange ideas and collaborate with educators.

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