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A Must-Read For New Teachers!

Learn how to implement classroom management strategies!
Use (Get Started On The Right Foot) and follow strategies that just work.

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Strategies That Work!

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How To Implement Classroom Management Strategies...

Use (Get Started On The Right Foot) And Follow Strategies That Work!

I really want to engage my students

I want to instill in my students a sense of responsibility

​I want to develop a stress-free atmosphere

You May Be Sabotaging Your Classroom Management Success...

From: Steve Hiles
Re: Classroom Management

Dear Teacher,

If you want to get students to perform procedures automatically, motivate your class, or even if you just want to keep your confidence and sanity throughout the entire process, then this is the most important letter you’ll read all year!

Here’s why…

This is the MOST important letter you’ll read on this topic because you will learn tips and strategies that will ensure that your classroom will operate in an environment that will be conducive to learning!

Classroom Behavior Problems Increasing, Teachers Say More than half of teachers wish they could spend less time Disciplining students, according to the Primary Sources: 2012 report ...Educational Leadership --September 2019

Here's how and why we can make you this promise

Hi, my name is Steve Hiles and I am the owner of Steve Hiles’ Educational Resources.

I’ve got 20 years of classroom experience, and a master’s degree in school administration (M.Ed.). I’ve had the privilege to teach in both urban and rural school systems throughout the country. I have seen and experienced things that could fill up volumes.

This book is going to give you everything you need to navigate managing a classroom successfully.
You need to act now because your sanity is at stake.

In 2012, over 40 percent of surveyed new teachers reported feeling either “not at all prepared” or “only somewhat prepared” to handle a range of classroom management or discipline situations. In a 2013 survey, classroom management was “the top problem” identified by teachers... Training our future teachers: Classroom Management 2014

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In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...

Only 55 percent of early career teachers indicated that they were well prepared to handle a range of classroom management or discipline situations... ​National Center for Education Statistics

Steve Hiles

Taught for 20 years in the public school system. 

Began my teaching career in Maysville, Kentucky instructing High School Junior ROTC students.
After which, I taught 5th graders at Gray’s Creek Elementary School in Hope Mills, North Carolina for 4 years. Then, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee where I taught both 4th and 5th graders. 
Retired from teaching full-time in June of 2014. 
Creator of educational materials for teachers.

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Get Started on the Right Foot

A Must-Read For New Teachers!

The emphasis of this book is on the critical first days of school. I have compiled strategies that I feel will make the job of the elementary school teacher easier and much more bearable – particularly for those teachers new to the profession.

Most of this book is geared for the elementary school setting and the new teacher facing their first time ‘flying solo.’ The veteran teacher moving to a new school or wishing to refresh their approach to a new term can also apply still many of the concepts, tips and tricks. The strategies presented here could also be applied equally well to middle and high school environments.

Chapter 1 — Teacher Preparation Programs
Chapter 2 — Classroom Expectations
Chapter 3 — Prior to the Start of the School Year
Chapter 4 — The First Day of School
Chapter 5 — Procedures and Routines
Chapter 6 — First Day Lesson Plans
Chapter 7 — Introducing Yourself to the Class
Chapter 8 — Understanding Your Students
Chapter 9 — Classroom Rules
Chapter 10 — Community Building Experiences
Chapter 11 — Brain-BasedTeaching
Chapter 12 — One Direction at a Time
Chapter 13 — Your Discipline Plan and the Consequences
Chapter 14 — The Teacher’s Lounge
Chapter 15 — The final Bell

Note: Zip file contains a folder with both black/white & color PDF versions. Please be sure that you have an application to open this file type before downloading and/or purchasing.

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Super Cool Bonus #1

Error Analysis Math Tasks Bundle

The strategy for these assessments differ from the typical assessment in that a “solution” is provided for each problem. Students must check each problem to ensure that the correct solution was given. If the solution provided is incorrect, then the student must rework the problem, show their work, and explain their thinking in writing.

  • Teacher information sheet
  • PDF (color) Error Analysis Math Tasks Resource
  • PDF (black & white) Error Analysis Math Tasks Resource
  • 1ea Student Problem Solving Worksheet template
  • 1ea Student Problem Solving Continuation Worksheet Template
  • 10ea Student Problem Solving Task Assessment Sheets w/answer key
  • 10ea quizzes w/answer keys
  • 1ea Editable PowerPoint Template for teachers to customize for their own use

Note: Zip file contains a folder with both black/white & color PDF versions.

Super Cool Bonus #2

The ELA Task Card Bundle (Gr 3-5) is a HUGE set of 432 task cards all bundled into one convenient, discounted resource. This bundle includes the following resources:

Use these 66 task cards to help students learn the difference between fact and opinion.  
They are great as an introductory lesson, great for partner and group work, literary centers, and excellent to use as a cooperative learning activity. 
Included in this resource: 
  • Teacher information sheet 
  • Fact and opinion statements (for whole group discussion) 
  • Task cards 
  • Answer key 
  • Exit tickets 

Contents included in this resource: 

  • Two sets of 36 printable task cards. Set A — Identify adverbs in a sentence and Set B — *Choose the correct adverb from a list of multiple-choice answers
  • Teacher information sheet
  • Sentences containing adverbs for whole group discussion
  • Student record sheet for both Set A & Set B
  • Teacher answer keys for both Set A & Set B
  • Adverb quiz
  • Adverb quiz answer key
  • Exit Tickets

*These task cards are great for supporting your ELA lesson. These also can be used as morning work, centers, early finisher activities, test prep, to name a few

Liven up Identifying Prepositions with Preppie the Mouse! Engage your kiddos by providing a “hands on” approach to identifying a preposition in a sentence. This cooperative learning activity will provide opportunities for your students to read a task card, identify the preposition in a sentence, discuss, and share their answer with a partner.

This resource contains 48 Task Cards, Task Card Answer Key, Teacher Information Sheet, a list of Prepositions used in the activity, Student Response Sheet, Student Assessment, Teacher Answer Key and Exit Tickets.

These Preposition Task Cards would make a welcome addition to your classroom as a center activity, as skill reinforcement, as well as practice for upcoming assessments. This resource also serves as a great review for your students before moving on to prepositional phrases or compound prepositions.

Use these 108 task cards to review parts of speech, test prep, centers, small or whole group instruction to name a few. The following parts of speech are addressed in this resource: nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

Contents included in this resource:

  • Teacher information sheet
  • Student task card place mat (two versions)
  • Parts of speech task cards (108)
  • Student response sheet
  • Task card answer keys
  • Parts of speech quiz
  • Quiz answer key
  • Exit tickets

Use these 108 multiple choice figurative language task cards — alliteration, metaphor, personification, and simile as a great way to ensure student mastery. These task cards are perfect for test prep and will work well at literacy centers, for partner work, small or whole group instruction.

Contents included in this resource:

  • Teacher information sheet
  • Figurative language task cards (multiple choice)
  • Student response sheet
  • Figurative language quiz
  • Answer keys included
  • Activity suggestions
  • Exit tickets

Engage your kiddos by providing a “hands on” approach to Subject-Verb Agreement. This cooperative learning activity will provide opportunities for your students to read a task card, identify the correct subject-verb choice in a sentence, discuss, and share their answer with a partner.

Task cards are created in black and white, which can be printed onto colored card stock, and laminated for long term usage/storage.

Included in this resource:

  • Teacher information sheet
  • Subject-verb
  • Agreement Task Cards (30ea)
  • Subject-verb Agreement Task Card Answer Key
  • Student Recording Sheet
  • Subject-verb Quiz (15 questions)
  • Subject-verb Quiz Answer Key
  • Exit Ticket

Note: Zip file contains a folder with both black/white & color PDF versions.

Super Cool Bonus #3

ELA Activities Bundle Gr 3-5

Get your students engaged and challenge them with these English Language products. Excellent for reviewing reading and writing topics for 3rd through 5th graders. This resource includes 10 products.

These informational paired reading passages will promote reading and comprehension of nonfiction texts among 4th & 5th grade students. Read! Coach! Read! strategies provide for a paired reading experience whereby students are paired according to reading proficiency and have assigned responsibilities.

This resource details several stages including the reversal of roles, an opening activity, questions, and a closure activity. Question probes are provided for whole group instruction as well. Text selections can be used for fluency drills, and or homework practice. A step-by-step format is provided for implementation.

This resource will make a handy instructional guide for teachers explaining the elements of story, as well as providing fun and engaging activities that your kiddos will certainly enjoy. Teacher answer keys are included in this packet.

This resource consists of everything that students will need to learn all about story elements. Targeted topics include: theme, main idea/topic, plot, setting, conflict, point of view and characterization. This is one resource that you will use year after year!

Get your 4th graders engaged writing great quality paragraphs! Teaching good writing skills is a basic educational component even for very young children. While people may argue that in the electronic age of videos, texting, smart phones, and other tools, writing is not so important. In fact, it is more important than ever!

Engage your students by having them create this project. An interactive notebook, is a creative project that inspires and encourages your students to engage with the classroom material. Through comprehensive and hands-on assignments, students will delve into four reading themes: making inferences, plot, setting, and character analysis.
Get your students excited and actively engaged in reading text! This Literature Circle Resource gives you the tools needed to get your literature circles up and running in your 4th grade classroom. Students are assigned a specific “job” making it easy for all of your students to participate successfully.
These activities make for an excellent tool for reviewing children’s knowledge regarding primary sources. Ideal for preparing students for end of unit assessments.
These activities offer a collaborative, fun and engaging way to enhance student reference skills.

This personal student desk guide contains literally hundreds of action verbs, adjectives, adverbs and nouns to enhance the quality of student writing, by providing students an abundance of word choice. The primary goal of this product is to encourage students to enhance the quality of their writing.

This resource includes the following quantities of words per each part of speech: Action verbs (156), adverbs (102), adjectives (152), nouns (178), transition devices (52), concluding phrases (12), word substitutes for “said” (40), and “stuff” (15). Finally, each part of speech will be accompanied with a dozen examples of sentences not beginning with the personal pronoun “I.”

Note: Zip file contains a folder with both black/white & color PDF versions.

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About The Author

I help teachers enhance their teaching skills by providing personal coaching, classroom resources, and best practices.

I am very passionate about helping teachers become successful in the classroom. I want to share the things I’ve learned over my 20-year teaching career so that teachers will know how to create a more productive instructional environment, how to motivate students which will increase student engagement, achievement, and retention, as well as how to manage student behavior.
I began my online teaching store in 2014.
Early on in my teaching career, I realized that, in order to become the teacher, I envisioned for myself, I first needed to learn how to control the classroom. Without that, trying to teach is a never-ending battle.
But with it you can move forward and actually implement the dreams and ideals about teaching that inspired you in the first place. This is the great transformation I offer you. And once it happens, guiding a class of highly focused kids on engaging projects can be a tremendous amount of fun.
This realization about controlling the classroom led to my first eBook: Get Started on the Right Foot (available on Amazon). It reflects my deeply held belief that “old school” can solve many of today’s “new school” challenges.
As an elementary school teacher, I sought to learn what motivated my students so that I could differentiate and meet the needs of each. My resulting management style was structured overall, while still giving kids the chance to make assignment choices when appropriate.
Mainly, I wanted students to have high time on any given task. That was in accord with the motto: “All the children, all the time.”
Right now, we offer 188 quality products that are geared to keeping students focused and engaged in learning. This is supplemented by my blog, available here:

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