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I Know That The First Week of School Can Be So Hectic

You have to get your classroom organized and decorated. There are teacher meetings that you have to attend. To top that off there’s curriculum that needs to be reviewed and lesson plans that must be developed. By this time you’re frazzled.

The bottom line here is that there are only so many hours in a day. The last thing in the world you really need is to run around going nuts trying to research and download activities to use in your classroom.

I’m sure that It’s not going to get any easier any time soon. Every year it seems that more and more gets put on a teachers plate without anything being taken off. It hardly seems right does it?

I just might have found the secret...

I quickly discovered my students became more motivated and were much more productive.

The result was more peace of mind, and now I could rest assured that my students were going to have class activities that they enjoyed.

So I am on a mission to help my fellow teachers alleviate some of the stress that occurs during that first week of school.

I Wanted Activities That Would Excite my Students

I spent countless hours researching and gathering resources from everywhere

Steve Hiles

Hi my name is Steve Hiles and I want to share my back story that led me to create my “Back-to-School and Teacher Resources” product.

I’ve opened schools 20 times during my teaching career. I can tell you that the first days of school are very hectic and stressful to say the least. And I’ve always been the kind of teacher that wanted to have plenty of meaningful, fun-filled activities for my students during that first week to do in between teaching rules and classroom expectations.

It’s always been my hope to create and publish materials that teachers could use to engage and motivate their students within a stress-free atmosphere.

But in all honesty, I was rather reluctant to publish material simply because I wondered if I could produce something that would meet or exceed what was already on the market.

Then one day, I remember sharing an activity that I had created for my own class with a fellow teacher down the hall. She came back that afternoon and said they her kids enjoyed the activity and had a blast with it.

So that really got me thinking, so I decided to map out a list of activities for teachers that they could do with their students that would be both engaging and motivating. Now the challenge was to develop activities that were unique, meaningful, and super cool!

I often shared materials with my fellow teachers and would get some valuable feedback from them. Then I’d go and tweak what needed tweaking and adjust accordingly. But I knew I was on the right track. So I kept moving forward.

In the end, I was able to complete and publish my book, “Back-to-School Activities and Teacher Resources.” The feeling was totally awesome.

When it was all said and done, I felt a great sense of accomplishment knowing that I’ve created something that would be very useful for elementary school teachers.

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Back-to-School Activities and Teacher Resources

Back to School Activities and Teacher Resources for Grades 3-5!

Hit the ground running with these engaging actvities. You will find numerous ideas and resources to utilize as you plan the first few weeks of school.

The materials in this book will make you feel ready and excited about the upcoming school year and will encourage enthusiasm and positivity in your students.

  • Back to School Teacher Preparation Section: organizational aids/printables
  • Tips to get organized 
  • Forms and Documents: printable versions of forms & documents 
  • Ice Breaker Activities 
  • Student Activities & Handouts: 5 whole class activities, in addition to 15 handout activities to encourage creativity, reflection, and enthusiasm! 

Note: Zip file contains a folder with both black/white & color PDF versions. Please be sure that you have an application to open this file type before downloading and/or purchasing.

On this page only, I'm going to include some exclusive bonuses that you won't get anywhere else!

Super Cool Bonus #1

The emphasis of Get Started On The Right Foot (ebook,107 pgs) is on the critical first days of school. I have compiled tips and strategies that I feel will make the job of the elementary school teacher easier and much more bearable – particularly for those teachers new to the profession.

Most of this book is geared for the elementary school setting and the new teacher facing their first time ‘flying solo.’ The veteran teacher moving to a new school or wishing to refresh their approach to a new term can also apply still many of the concepts, tips and strategies. The strategies presented here could also be applied equally well to middle and high school environments.

There is no doubt in my mind that if you dilgently apply the concepts talked about in this book, I can assure you that you will definitely….GET STARTED ON THE RIGHT FOOT!

Super Cool Bonus #2

Start your school year off with hands-on, creative Ice Breaker Community Building Activities Gr 3-5. Create a comfortable and fun atmosphere in your classroom right from day one. This product consists of 36 interactive activities ranging from interpersonal games and puzzles to creative poetry and hands-on activities. Students will play, move, discuss, and get to know each other! Step-by-step directions on how to play or do each of the activities are provided.

I have used ice breakers not only during the first days of school, but throughout the school year as well. Especially during winter holiday / spring breaks, transitions, team building, as well as when welcoming new students to our classroom.

Super Cool Bonus #3

Get your students engaged with this compilation of SuperCharged Activities 101 Messages/ Greetings / Chants/and Activities Gr K-3 that are formulated to give the students, in Kindergarten up to the 3rd Grade, a boost to start the day motivated and geared to learn!

These activities are definitely an educator’s dream companion in their quest to keep young minds fresh and ready to absorb knowledge. The activities are presented in a very exciting manner that teachers will be eager to share with their classes. Each activity is flexible and can be easily adapted in various classroom scenarios. Target skills are addressed for each of the activities. Enjoy and stay supercharged!

This resource contains 32 ‘focus activities’ which often times will have more than one component to them!

Super Cool Bonus #4

Elements of Literature Gr 3-5 will make a handy instructional guide for teachers explaining the elements of story, as well as providing fun and engaging activities that your kiddos will certainly enjoy. Teacher answer keys are included in this packet.

This resource consists of everything that students will need to learn about story elements.Targeted topics include: theme, main idea/topic, plot, setting, conflict, point of view and characterization.

This is one resource that you will use year after year!

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I know that you don’t want to continue stressing out about how to create a sense of community in your classroom. and you surely don’t want to be searching high and low for materials to use during the first week of school. And I know all too well from personal experience resources bought in teacher stores are often times costly. Sounds depressing, doesn’t it? It would be if you couldn’t do anything to change it. Fortunately, you can by getting your copy of “Back -to-School Activities and Teacher Resources” today.

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Hey teacher friends! Need ideas for some back-to-school activities?
Check out the e-book, created by Super Teacher Steve Hiles (My son's 4th grade teacher!) It comes with several bonus e-books (FIVE!!) that are sure to come in handy in your classroom. Very affordable, even 3 days before payday! (The book says for grades 3-5, but I think that I can use most of them for my 2nd graders too!)

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P.S. The activities in this book will make you feel ready and excited about the upcoming school year and will encourage enthusiasm and positivity in your students. Begin the year with a bang by using Back to School Activities and Teacher Resources Gr. 3-5.

About Steve

I help teachers enhance their teaching skills by providing personal coaching, classroom resources, and best practices.

I am very passionate about helping teachers become successful in the classroom. I want to share the things I’ve learned over my 20-year teaching career so that teachers will know how to create a more productive instructional environment, how to motivate students which will increase student engagement, achievement, and retention, as well as how to manage student behavior.

I began my online teaching store in 2014.

Early on in my teaching career, I realized that, in order to become the teacher I envisioned for myself, I first needed to learn how to control the classroom. Without that, trying to teach is a never-ending battle.

But with it, you can move forward and actually implement the dreams and ideals about teaching that inspired you in the first place. This is the great transformation I offer you. And once it happens, guiding a class of highly focused kids on engaging projects can be a tremendous amount of fun.

This realization about controlling the classroom led to my first eBook: Get Started on the Right Foot (available on Amazon). It reflects my deeply held belief that “old school” can solve many of today’s “new school” challenges.

As an elementary school teacher, I sought to learn what motivated my students so that I could differentiate and meet the needs of each. My resulting management style was structured overall, while still giving kids the chance to make assignment choices when appropriate.

Mainly, I wanted students to have a high time on any given task. That aligned with the motto: “All the children, all the time.”

We currently offer 188 quality products that keep students focused and engaged in learning. My blog supplements this, available here:

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